Men’s fashion: what are the alternatives to the tie?

Wearing a tie is important for men during formal events in general. However, it has become out of fashion over the years. On the other hand, on certain occasions such as weddings, standing out is essential to mark this special day. At the moment, you can find shops all over the world that offer specific accessories of this kind. This also applies to online stores. Discovering the alternatives to the tie that you can adopt remains essential in any case.

The lavaliere

Wearing a tie can be tiring on a daily basis, especially if you want to be the center of attention during an event. Several alternatives are available to you at the moment. Among the most popular, you can find the lavaliere. The latter is generally an accessory that you will have to wear during your wedding. The lavaliere adds volume to your outfit and at the same time makes you look classy. However, take your time to choose the perfect outfit to go with this type of accessory. In general, wearing a vest over your shirt brings out the beauty of the lavaliere.

The bow tie

The bow tie used to be the ideal accessory for a man at parties or important ceremonies. It has become very popular again, especially in the last ten years. The bow tie is a perfect replacement for the tie. Available in many different colors, but black is still ideal if you want to be chic. In general, the bow tie is ideal with a suit and a suitable shirt. However, don't forget to choose a shirt with a "bow" collar when making your choice. You can also add a waistcoat over your shirt to look even more elegant.

Opt for a bare collar

Wearing an accessory with your shirt is not mandatory at all. You could very well stay chic and not wear any accessories on your collar. Right now, you can actually find shirts that have collars and sleeves with a particular style. However, to really look distinguished, in this case you will need to take the time to choose your suit well as well as your shoes. Wearing other accessories such as a watch, or a pair of glasses can also be ideal in this kind of situation.
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