What coat to wear when you are very tall?

Wearing the right clothes is important in any situation. When winter arrives, for example, having one or more coats is always preferable. Finding the right one for you, however, can be quite difficult. Especially if you really don't have a standard size physique. Fortunately, you can find stores all over the world that offer fashion items specifically for people of atypical sizes. Discovering how to choose your coat if you are in such a situation is therefore essential.

For grown-ups

A person can be categorized as "tall" when they are over 6 feet tall. However, finding a coat in this situation can be quite difficult. In order to make the right choice, several parameters need to be taken into account, click here to find out more. In general, long coats are the most obvious choice. This is also very trendy at the moment. Tall people can also opt for a fur coat to have a special style. The midi length is nevertheless essential to bring out your elegance. In the same vein, choosing a plush coat can also be a wise choice.

If you have a large chest

Being tall and in addition having a large chest is the case for many women in the world. In this kind of situation, you should absolutely avoid coat models that are close to your body. However, choosing a belted and flowing model remains a very fashionable solution at the moment. This will have the effect of marking your waist in a way. Similarly, you can also choose the "bathrobe coats" to highlight your chest. Avoid  in any case the models that have frills, oversized collar or volcano. This will overexpose your chest and put you at a disadvantage.

If you have wide hips

Tall people with wide hips (A-shaped body) can also opt for a tight coat. The aim is obviously to show off your shape. However, the straight coat model can also be ideal if you do not want to accentuate the volume of your hips on certain occasions. As for the ideal length, you can opt for the mid-length or the long coat if you have an A shape.
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