Dresses that can be worn in summer as well as in winter

Some pieces in your wardrobe are not suitable for certain times of the year. This is not the case for dresses. You can still wear them in summer and winter as long as you choose the rest of your clothes well. When temperatures drop, you should never give up on printed dresses, pretty summer skirts or tight dresses, as long as you master the art of layering.

Long dresses

Long dresses have always been a must-have, and thus, they have survived through the ages. They are among the essentials in a woman's wardrobe. A long dress comes in all styles. You can wear a maxi dress even on a daily basis, as it is not only reserved for special occasions. During the summer months, it is one of the most popular garments because of its lightness and fluidity. Silk, cotton or linen are among the natural materials to be favored. As for the length, it should not touch the ground, but reach just to the ankle. During the winter months, you can still wear it as long as you choose long-sleeved models made of warm materials. You can combine a long dress with winter pieces such as a coat. You will also need to wear closed shoes to protect yourself from the cold.

Short dresses

For the summer, you have a multitude of short dresses. These dresses will allow you to reveal your legs. A multitude of models and cuts exist. Depending on the occasion, you can wear a dress with a plain fabric and short sleeves for example. For special occasions such as parties, nothing will prevent you from wearing a short dress. Also, during winter periods, short summer dresses can still be worn, as long as you put on black tights underneath, boots and a coat to keep you warm.

The art of layering

In order to keep warm, but also to have a maximum of style, the superposition of clothes, also called layering is the secret. This way you can create a unique style. To do this, you'll need to know how to mix different textures. Once you understand the concept, everything will become easier. When you wear a tight or thin garment for example, you can add another loose or straight piece. It's all about balance. The rest will have to balance out the layering.
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