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What coat to wear with a dress?

In winter and summer, you can always wear a dress. However, finding the right coat to wear with a dress can be more complicated. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will need to choose certain coat styles…

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Which shoes will be seen everywhere this winter?

After the summer, winter is back to bring the freezing air, snow and even rain. To ensure your daily well-being in the optimal warmth, you must adopt the possible means by opting for warm clothes and winter shoes. Influenced by…

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Sneakers: a fashion accessory in its own right

In the 19th century, the sneaker was reserved for sports, then in the 1980s, the hip- hop culture contributed to its popularity. Currently, it is hyper trendy and became a fashion accessory in its own right. Sneakers are products that…

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Which sunglasses for an ultra-chic look?

It’s worth thinking about which sunglasses suit your face and what effect they have on the impression your face makes. In general, it can be said that frames that follow the contours of the face, i.e., angular frames for angular…

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What male accessories for a wedding?

A wedding is a unique moment when two people unite to form a family. Indeed, during this memorable day, it is important that everything is well taken care of. In this case, even the smallest details must be perfect. Thus,…

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