Sneakers: a fashion accessory in its own right

In the 19th century, the sneaker was reserved for sports, then in the 1980s, the hip- hop culture contributed to its popularity. Currently, it is hyper trendy and became a fashion accessory in its own right. Sneakers are products that are not likely to go out of fashion. They are accepted by sportsmen as well as by top designers.

What is a sneaker?

Sneaker comes from the English word for sneakers. It comes from the word "to sneak" which means "to creep". The sneaker is a hijacked sports shoe for everyday use in the city. In many countries, these shoes are worn on the street. They are made of leather or canvas. These are low top shoes that you can wear every day. Teenagers are the ones who wear the sneaker as an everyday shoe, but men and women of all ages also like to wear them. It is becoming a fashion accessory in its own right.

The sneaker today: a fashion accessory in its own right

With the evolution of fashion, the sneaker is considered indispensable for people of all ages. The sneaker is a comfortable shoe to wear every day. The sneaker has its place in the fashion world. One can always find one or more pairs of sneakers in a shoe closet today. The sneaker is currently becoming a trendy fashion accessory. All shoe shops display several brands of sneakers. Wearing sneakers to the office has become standard and the suit-sneaker ensemble is almost classic. Today, sneakers are becoming a fashion accessory in their own right. All over the world, they attract many customers. In France, there are more than 200 brands of sneakers. But why choose sneakers?

Why wear sneakers?

Sneakers are one of the most important pieces in the wardrobe of men and women. They are also the most imaginative alternative to branded shoes. Discover the different reasons to wear sneakers: they are casual, classy and original. They are very comfortable, which is the main important criterion in wearing a shoe. Usually, they are made in limited series. Wearing sneakers allows you to stand out. Sometimes, many people make a collection of sneakers. These are shoes that cater to many types of movement. For example, rappers who wear them, stand out from the rest. They also fit different looks.
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