Which sunglasses for an ultra-chic look?

It's worth thinking about which sunglasses suit your face and what effect they have on the impression your face makes. In general, it can be said that frames that follow the contours of the face, i.e., angular frames for angular faces or round frames for more rounded faces, have a harmonious effect and enhance the impression of the face.

Tips for finding the right sunglasses

Whether it's for a walk in the city or at the beach, nothing works without sunglasses in the summer. The motto is stylish and protective! Think about the look you want to create with your sunglasses. Depending on the situation, we recommend eye- catching and extravagant designs or timeless classics. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory. They should also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays all around. Glasses with the widest possible lenses, wide temples and a curved shape that sits close to the eyes are ideal for this.

The best Colors and shapes

Depending on your individual type, some colors suit you better than others. Blue eyeglass frames, for example, are particularly suitable for cool guys with a light complexion. Here you can find out more about the different types of colors and the lenses that suit you. Not all glasses look the same on every face. When choosing a new pair of sunglasses, you should therefore use your own face shape asĀ  a guide to find the ideal sunglasses.

How to find the right sunglasses for your face shape?

There are about five face shapes: round, heart-shaped, oval, angular and trapezoidal. How do you recognize them and which sunglasses are best suited to your face shape? The basic rule is that the shape of the glasses should not be too similar to the shape of the face, but rather contrast with it. This creates a harmonious overall image. For example, for round faces, the forehead and cheeks are equally wide. The chin is rounded. Overall, the trains look very soft. Wider sunglasses make the round face look narrower and give it more contour. Slightly rectangular or square frames are best for this.
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