What coat to wear with a dress?

In winter and summer, you can always wear a dress. However, finding the right coat to wear with a dress can be more complicated. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will need to choose certain coat styles to wear with a short dress, a long dress or a midi. During the winter months, the weather may be milder. You will then have the possibility of wearing winter dresses associated with a pair of high boots. To keep you warm, a coat is a must. To make the right choice of coat to wear with a dress, certain criteria must be considered.

The type of coat to wear with a short dress

Quite easy to associate with a coat, you can wear short dresses without any problem. Your legs can be highlighted with, and the coat will sublimate them. The short cape coat, associated with thigh boots will then be ideal. The glance will have to be attracted towards the bottom of the body and only the bottom of the dress will have to be attractive. The shortened length of the short cape coat will be perfect. You can also wear any kind of tights under the short dress. Completely breaking the style of short dresses, you can also choose a long coat or even an extra-long coat with it. For a casual style with a tight evening dress, you can for example choose to wear a long bathrobe coat. Are you looking for a leather jacket? Follow this link for more information.

And with a long dress?

The star of the winter season is undoubtedly the long dress. Among the fashion collections, it is impossible not to find one. Unlike short dresses that fit most coat cuts, it is more difficult to find a coat to wear with a long dress. The long coat is ideal if you choose to wear a long dress to avoid breaking the style. The proportions of the dress will be enhanced with it. The flowing trench coat, the straight coat and the peignoir coat can also be worn with a long dress.

Additional tips

You can also try to follow the lines of the dress and choose a coat that will go with it. With a trapeze dress for example, a flared coat will not distort the cut. The same goes for a short dress with a straight cut that can be combined with the extra-long straight coat. If you wear a long evening dress, you can also choose a short fake fur to sublimate it.
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