Pick-up day at the farm: a good way to keep your children busy

During the holidays or for a family weekend, you can offer your children a day of picking at the farm. Your children are now city dwellers and no longer have any connection with the farm and the village? To prevent them from spending too much time in front of the screen, you can organize a day of relaxation at the farm that will be as beneficial for the children as for the parents. During this day at the farm, your children will have the opportunity to learn more about what they eat on their plate.

A family day out: go for a pick-your-own at the farm!

To get your children back in touch with nature, why not go to the farm for a day of picking. Different regions of France will offer you these picking activities to do with your family. This harvest day will strengthen the bonds between parents and children. During the day of picking at the farm, your children will be able to broaden their knowledge about the food they consume daily. Pick-a-thon is also an eventful activity, as you will be picking your own vegetables and fruits to put in your kitchen. Mom, dad and the kids will love this pick-your-own activity on the farm. It's also a fun outing for the whole family.

What are the activities to do during a day of picking at the farm?

On a pick-your-own day at the farm, parents can teach their children how to pick the vegetables and fruit they find at home. When you arrive at the farm, the staff will show you and advise you on how to pick vegetables and fruit with your children. You will then be provided with baskets and sticks to pick these fresh vegetables. If necessary, the staff will also give you peelings to harvest carrots and potatoes. The day at the farm is a fun and educational experience for children.

What fruits and vegetables can be picked on the farm?

Different plants are planted on the farm. And the harvest depends on the region you are going to. But the most common vegetables to pick on the farm are: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage and tomatoes. As for fruit, you can pick oranges, strawberries, grapes and peaches.
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