Why plant a tree at the birth of a child?

When it comes to celebrating the birth of a child, many traditions exist. One of these traditions is planting a tree. What are the reasons to plant a tree when a childĀ  is born? Which tree to choose and where to plant it? For many societies, the tree symbolizes life. According to religions and legends, the tradition has evolved differently. Focus on this tradition that many continue to perpetuate.

Reasons to plant a tree at the birth of a child

When a child is born, many parents choose to plant a tree. It can also be a birth gift for the child. The tree is a symbol of life. Planting a tree is therefore a powerful act. It will grow at the same pace as the child. Also, planting a tree can teach the child from a young age to respect nature, respect the tree that his parents have planted and follow its development. Also, when he grows up, he should be reminded that he should never remove the bark of a tree or try to write something on the trunk of the tree. With such a gift, he will be able to be aware of nature and will respect it better later on.

Which tree to choose for the birth of a child?

Choosing the right tree to plant can be a difficult task. To make the right choice of tree, certain criteria should be considered, including the symbol that the tree bears. Pear trees, plane trees, olive trees, box trees, etc. symbolize longevity. Symbolizing health, you can choose the ginkgo, the juniper or the lemon tree. Trees that symbolize life are the vine, ash, beech and chestnut. Symbolizing protection, you can choose the spruce, cypress or hawthorn as a tree to plant at the birth of a child.

Where to plant the tree?

As the child grows, it will be important for him to be able to live close to his tree. For this reason, you will need to choose a location close by. If you want to plant the tree in the ground, you can opt for the family home for example. If you have a house with a garden, you can plant the tree in your garden. The potted tree is the solution when you move house. This way, you will be able to transport the tree from one house to another. Many types of trees can be grown in pots, such as magnolia and lemon trees.
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