Denim trend: baggy jeans are making a comeback

Trends are constantly changing and according to generation Z, skinny jeans are no longer in fashion and we should all embrace baggy jeans. So, are baggy jeans still on trend in 2021? The answer is yes, as many stars are enjoying this 90s classic again. And with new shapes and designs on the horizon, essentially a wide range of freshly designed boot-cut skinny jeans to the baggy, heavily distressed jeans we're now seeing all over Instagram, it's clear that hip hop style and baggy are making a comeback.

Why are baggy jeans so popular?

Baggy jeans are not jeans that do not fit well, but rather a fashion choice related to a number of different groups of jean wearers. These types of jeans come in many different colors and can be made for both sexes. While many people think of baggy jeans as those that sag underneath boxers and are worn by men, there are actually a number of other styles that can be considered baggy. As such, these types of jeans are not easily defined and should be considered primarily as a way that the pants can fit rather than a certain style.

An urban and provocative style

Some of the most popular baggy jeans are associated with rap and hip-hop styles and are worn only by men. These pants usually hang around the buttocks of the men and display boxers. This style of clothing is highly stigmatized in some areas and is therefore not recommended for professional activities. Some schools even prohibit students from wearing baggy jeans of this type.

A comfortable pair of jeans for women

Many women wear baggy jeans simply for comfort or as part of various soft clothing styles. Boy-friend jeans, for example, can be considered loose. This relaxed fit is often out of style, but pants that are fitted at the waist and loose in the legs are generally considered more acceptable than those that are wide throughout. It's important to recognize that jeans with well-ventilated legs aren't necessarily baggy, as that term implies a kind of casualness that rigid wide-leg jeans may not possess. Men wear baggy jeans much more often than women, and these jeans can be practical or fashionable.
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