Back to school: what are the most trendy pieces of this fall?

As summer is ending soon, it is now high time to think about sorting out your wardrobe. This is really important to welcome the new season. So, in order to get ready and to be trendy for back to school, consider working on your wardrobe. However, what are the strong pieces to opt for to mark the occasion?

Leather, the must-have piece for the new school year

For a successful back-to-school season, you need to work on your appearance. So, for this new season, don't hesitate to bet on your style to be really trendy and stylish at the same time. To make a perfect impression, choose and bet on leather pieces. To be fashionable for the new school year, opt for a small perfecto, trousers, a skirt or a leather jacket. You can also opt for leatherette pieces. But for a successful look, you must also accessorize well. For more ideas, visit

Colorful pieces for a trendy look

Apart from leather or leatherette pieces, to be fashionable for the new school year, you should also opt for colorful pieces. To brighten up your day and motivate yourself  to get back to work, don't hesitate to go out and mix and match your most colorful clothes. Dare to wear for example green trousers with a small red or pink sweater. And if you want to bet on a small blue skirt why not associate it with an orange jacket. But apart from the colored clothes, you can also opt for clothes with a pattern to be really stylish. Floral, check, stripe ... Everything is allowed, then, please yourself and use your imagination to mark your blow for the return.

The coat, a must-have for back to school

The coat is also a must-have item in your wardrobe if you don't want to miss your first day of school. So, if you don't have one, consider buying one before school starts. To be really stylish, opt for an oversized coat. On the accessory side, you can combine gold and silver if you don't want to make too much of a statement. But apart from the oversized coat, you still have plenty of choices like a sleeveless sweater or an extra-large pantsuit for example. With these pieces, you'll be able to pull off the perfect style this fall. So, consider sorting through your wardrobe if you want to have the perfect outfit for a perfect back-to-school look.
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