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Fashion in all its dimensions

Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, tee-shirts, jeans, long skirts or even tank tops with wide straps, the “city fashion” spirit is becoming more and more popular.

Women's fashion

Chic and trendy, women’s clothing comes in several sizes. Active women, plump women, tall women, small women, pregnant women, there is something for everyone.

Men's fashion

Summer look or practical fashion, workwear and sportswear, add a touch of elegance to the clothing look. All you need is a pair of shoes and you’re done.

Children's fashion

In turn, children deserve to wear stylish outfits. Linen, silk, delicate wools, cotton, cashmere, elastane, polyester, all fabrics are allowed.

Fashion in all its dimensions

World Fashion Capitals

Paris, city of laughter and luxury

Chic & timeless fashion

Milan & Italian fashion

Elegant & distinguished style

Tokyo, city of colors and fashion

Colorful & diverse fashion

New York and its chic districts

American fashion, versatile, casual

Vintage shopping in Barcelona, the must-sees


Indispensable part

Biker leather as a jacket material is a strong piece of men’s and women’s fashion in Barcelona.


Strong female piece

As maternity wear or evening wear, black dresses meet all needs: casual chic, vintage, classic…


Matching clothes

For a nice combination of colors with the color of your clothes and shoes, we bet on sixties style pumps in lighter colors.

New signature look to adorn yourself with!

Style of clothing

Dress code

Opt for a style that really suits you. IRO PARIS puts forward different styles of chic and ecological clothing, timeless pieces to dress according to the occasion.


Shoe style


Stylish men’s clothing, children’s clothing or women’s clothing is accompanied by a pair of trendy shoes, a must-have item of clothing at all times.

Fashion museums

Long neglected and despised, the fashion industry is now a passion for museums and the artistic world. The latter see it as an art form, having crossed many eras to impose itself at the present time. Vintage clothing, Japanese and Indian wedding dresses, handbags, accessories of all kinds, and even lingerie are on display in museums and at various fashion shows. Shirt-dresses, high-waisted shorts, off-shoulder tops with printed fabrics or reworked used clothes, diversity is the watchword.

Major fashion trends

Lilac, the trendy color


Lilac, the trendy color

In total look or in small touches on a woman’s outfit, lilac is the trendy color for ladies and girls.


Glitters and sequins

Shinier clothes with glitters or sequins always catch the eye of others. This style goes with trousers, dresses, etc.

Glitters and sequins
Knitwear, total look version


Knitwear, total look version

A complete makeover in knitwear is worth all the praise in the world. This style adapts to all morphologies and silhouettes of a lady.